The unhealthy taste of suppressed emotion


“I have to be strong, cause i don’t want people teased my weakness, and ultimately, i have to be strong because this is the only way for me to feel better, only that it weren’t”. There’s always a collateral price in playing foolish games. Suppressing your emotion instruct you to fabricate your true feeling to make you feel okay and it’s no difference in telling lies to other people.

It will caught you in your least expected time. I had an article about it already that states how i was caught by an old friend (Depression-this was my suppressed emotion started when i was just a kid) in my unanticipated phase of time. It feels like you were chased for several years and the time of arrest comes behind your mind. That time i don’t even know what to do. It was a strange feeling and consuming, it’s no surprise cause the price i pay is precious, but i didn’t let it claim. I have to deny every charged presented to cope up to this bad guy, and eventually i was able to win the battle. There are fragments of the said condition that sometimes occupied my mind but since i know how to fight it, to apprehend and exercise best remedies to benefit ease. I know how to handle it.

Grief is sometimes the main suspects, especially when it started at a young age. Mine started at my juvenile. And most of the event that cause this problem is when a person face a loss in the family. This is indeed, the most tragic occurrence in life. This is the time that emotional support should be present at all times to prevent breakdowns, and sometimes for you to hold on is to be strong at somehow, even concealing your true emotion will desperately be an option, to gain composure, however showing physical and appearance strength doesn’t necessarily suggests that you are emotionally tough. even when you know your dying inside you still have the gut to fight it, but is it healthy? it may flex your tenacity towards grief but hiding it even for a long time will caught you so bad.

Pretending to be okay when not is becoming a stereotype, just like what i’m saying, it’s part of our subconscious, it’s okay sometimes cause that will recognize how strong you are as a person but to hold it for a long period of time also accrue a higher price.

How can we avoid it? You are definitely at your lowest point during the times of these things, and having someone to lean on and to talk to will be an essential and a fundamental to start up again, especially if that person shares the same situation before, he or she will probably understands your current circumstances. Your family, your friends is a perfect delegate.

Learn to vent out. During the times that i was in my lowest point of my life i always make sure that i have some best practice to vent out to tell my story. One of which is writing, in this platform i was able to discharge everything my soul has to confess, my heart has to tell, and my mind to relate. i would say that writing plays the most conducive way to survive downsides. Now the second one is being physically healthy. When in time that your mind became your antagonist, it has the potential to turn it your supporter by helping your mind and body become healthy-what your mind can conceive your body will achieve remember. It has been 3 years being committed to fitness until now and i am even planning to make my own channel to content fitness lifestyle, i just hope it will work. Now if you have something to vent out, any activity that will revitalize you personality and well being, i encourage you to do so. If you needed some piece of advice to embark you can visit my other site to guide you some other ways to vent out.

I know it won’t be easy for you and for us, if there’s only a shortcut, then it would be, but there’s no one. Do not wish to bypass and make relief, there’s always a certain time to process everything but believe me, time will come and you will meet your resolve. Acceptance will also help you out, if there’s something you don’t understand and you can’t admit, try to broaden your thinking and see the bigger picture of you that could possibly establish a calming comprehension to obtain peace of your mind. I want you to know that you are not alone, that there’s always be one person to trust your emotion and be free in suppressing your true feeling, if you needed to cry, that’s perfectly fine, share your thoughts, shout it out, let it diminish in your consciousness, don’t leave any baggage, tell everything and we will listen. trust someone and be outspoken.

Published by digitalbook12

Hi there! I am Jonathan Ibayan (preferred Nathan) from the philippines. I am the Author of this site. I am used to express feeling through writing especially this one. The main reason i put up this blog is because i have experienced myself Depression and Anxiety, and since i was able to cope and fight it. I am sharing my own story to help you eliminate Depression out of your life to end this suffering. Started writing when he was a high school student,and put it into blog on 2017, I dedicate my blog and my life to advocate mental health awareness. I hear your voice.

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