What does your mind says when you’re Discourage

There’s a lot of things that makes us discourage, your dress today maybe or when you see your payslip (I hate to see this every cut off) I remember so much discouragement at my young age, those were the days that I felt left behind. So much more in these days wherein judgement and stereotyping is common in every community. There are a lot of chances that you might discourage just like what I mention above and you have to be strong no matter what.

There are several factors that drives us to be discourage including failures, hopelessness, demotivation, downgrading and indeed these are difficult to lift off. There are times that we needed support from our family and friends, you can always count on them, so that there is no stopping to anything that you wanted to do. Tale it from our thomas edison that had found thousand things that didnt work, he could have just stop from his third to fifth attempt but he didnt. Sometimes in our very edge of giving up there comes a little step to success.

To tell you what, my first book didnt make what I wanted to expect, and so i was disappointed to its result, come to a point that I wanted to give it off writing, I felt so unseen but I didnt stop from there. This book represents that I never feel defeated of discouragement for I continue writing why? Because writing is the only joy I have, also because I love writing, everytime I declined from doing it my mind gives me a lot of idea what to write and to continue writing, it gives me an undefined relief when I start to hold my pen.

My love in writing keeps my soul burning for another story to tell and another sheet to write on, even writing this part makes my mood eccentric, also there are times that im not in the mood to write but I can still move my pen. What im sayin is, If you really loved the things that you wanted to do, dont expect it to be the most wonderful things that anyone can see instead expect it to be the most worthwhile piece you had ever found, for you to feel the satisfaction that didnt come from the approval of others, that my friend is an infinite joy.

The importance of thriving this soul burning sensation gives you an endless reason to strive more, do not feel discourage because nothing worthwhile is easy, I bet that these way of thinking is what your mind really teach you. Remember if it doesnt work on the first try, you’ll find something to make it work on the next one.


What does your mind says when you’re Envy?

Not everyone are created equal, thats what makes people envious to one another. People who are privileged is either on top or below the chain. Other people commit crimes because of envy and the unprivileged are likely the victim of the dominant, that is why being contented of what you only have is what anyone wants to be, to get off the track. Envy is the cause of all the fetish, idolization, imitations that crawls society, you may not notice it as if it is an innocent fun, but once you start to grow comparison and crave for desires then eventually you will became a slave of envy.

When someone is abundant, we try to make wishful thinking like; “I wish I could have that.” And before you know it, you are starting to live with what others want. It’s no different in pretending to be something you’re not, there is no harm to being hopeful, appreciative, amazed with other people’s account as long as there’s no inclusion of fetish and lavish desires into an extent that you hate someone just because there’s one thing that you can’t have and the other person achieved and possessed.

But what does your mind says when you feel envy? It’s hard to admit sometimes when your envious, however theres no denial that your mind will intentionally say “you can have it if you do your best.” By means of doing the right effort, exerting optimized desires and using others success as a motivation instead of giving envious remark. Remember that your attitude will work its way to success, not effort nor will, your attitude to see the beautiful picture of other people success is substantial on your first step.

As a writer ofcourse I envy those successful and popular writer and authors that forge their success through their impeccable skills in writing on their books, but I use it as aspiration to become a good writer and finally become an author. My first book The Enemy Unseen is dedicated to look through the objectives of all the successful authors when they wrote their first book. The reason behind its written is what makes the book more interesting especially when its created to help other people.

So as mine, use envy as a positive aspiration to make your way to success and do not ever forget to use it the right way.

I got my book published tittled: The Enemy Unseen

Finally, after a year I had finished my first book and get the chance to publish an ebook through Amazon https://amzn.to/2MgD8uW. This is the first edition of The Enemy Unseen, the second edition willl be available soon. First edition is now available on Amazon for purchase through ebook and pretty soon it’ll be release through paperback. I am in awe on how it was paid off for all the times that I feel giving up

I am extending my gratitude to all the people who support me along the way. Please grab a copy, for this book mean so much to me as this book discussed what people needs to understand about depression and mental health awareness plus many ways to cope up against it.

Thanks to my family specially my parents..I love you guys…

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